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How does one become a magician?

Get closer to doing your own close up magic with these helpful tips.Not exactly the average career, magic isn’t taught in colleges or universities and by many, is not even considered as a possible profession. However, there are many very successful magicians, who have dedicated their careers to magic – they are no different from other artists, just maybe with a little more mystery.

So if not formally taught, and Hogwarts doesn’t really exist, how does one take the first steps towards magic? Here are a few tips to consider.

Steps to Becoming a Magician

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Magic for Team-Building? Absolutely!

Close up magic can be the talk of your next corporate event.Team-building has become a staple for many companies, small and large. The purpose? Bring your team closer together, allow them to work better with one another but also express their individuality, build on communication skills, think outside the box, improve morale, you name it. The benefits are well known and generally agreed upon, when done well, of course. And that’s the harder part, since there are so many programs, workshops, events, activities to choose from.

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