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Close Up Magic Right In Your Living Room

Have you seen these magical movies?

Magic by Mio performs close up magic in Miami at homes for dinner parties and birthday celebrations, but you can enjoy close up magic even when you’re not hosting by popping in a great film. Many movies feature the awe and wonder of magic, and can bring the excitement of performance to your home any day of the week. Staying in this weekend? Consider watching one of these top magic movies. From a chilling Anthony Hopkins thriller to a beautiful animated film, we’ve got something for everyone!

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Certificate of Appreciation


Outstanding in every way. When you have a bunch of law enforcement officials including FBI, DEA, chiefs of police, and others watching intently and they can’t figure it out that is pretty amazing magic. It was really a fun experience and has people still talking about it. MIO thanks.
Chief Phil Cotten
Executive Director
Oklahoma Association Of Chiefs of Police