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Mio Gets a Chance to Wow Howie Mandel with Mentalism in Miami

As a fan of stand up through the ‘80s comedy boom and the show America’s Got Talent, I was ecstatic to meet Howie Mandel at a recent Young Presidents Organization soirée in Miami. Hosted at the LIV Nightclub in the lavish Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach, the YPO event was an exclusive evening for helping successful vineyard executives network and get inspired by various speakers.

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Liven Up Your Party or Event with Mentalism in Miami

When looking to cap off your party, event or soiree with an entertaining set piece, look no further than my own brand of mentalism, Miami. These performances generally look great on stage in front of thousands of people, but they offer something even more special in a smaller group at a private event.

Dare I say that such a setting creates something… magical?

Why I Love Performing Mentalism for Miami Private Functions and Events

I don’t perform on the stage too often anymore, and I would say that I don’t miss it as much as other performers claimed I would. Why? I get more of a kick out of entertaining smaller parties these days.

Intimate settings with small groups lets me get up close and personal with my subjects. I can show my subjects that there is no real boundary between the performer and the audience. I’ve performed for some tough groups in my day: Robert DeNiro, Rudy Giuliani, Mario Andretti Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and more. Yet, I always manage to leave them with a smile on their face and in awe of the unique way I approach my work.

You see, my job as a mentalist is to surprise people with the obvious. I make educated guesses based on high odds along with my ability to read faces and posture. These simple tricks still manage to floor a room, and the effects are better up close and personal. By engaging with my audience as a peer, I can communicate with them in a way that disarms and astonishes them with seemingly superhuman feats.

My point in all this is not to brag about my talents, either, but to emphasize that some of the best parts of my job work even better when I get a chance to shine on a personal level. For this reason, I highly recommend my services for mentalism in Miami for private functions and events.

How to Structure Your Big Night Around a Mentalism Act

When looking to plan your evening around a big event, mentalism can fit right in with any theme you want. For birthday parties or events structured around one person, I can help lighten the mood while making the guest of honor feel special. My act tends to bring people together by sharing details about my subjects they can all relate to. It goes well as an early way to kick off the festivities or further into the evening, such as after dinner.

At corporate events, my act can help communicate the theme of the event in ways that few others can. After all, who wouldn’t want to read minds in the business world? By showing employees that it can, in a small way, be possible, they are inspired to do anything. I have even helped deliver a keynote a time or two!

So take a look at my mentalism in Miami services the next time you are looking for a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind experience to offer your guests and attendees.

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Magicians and Their Legacy of Invention

They say “necessity is the mother of invention,” and magic performance certainly necessitates many things.

Audiences must think that an illusion stems from a person, not the devices or props they use. So, if someone wants to disappear, a device must be invented that makes little noise, is easy to conceal, will not be observable from the seats, can completely bring the subject to another area or cover their entire body, and so on. Any time these conditions are violated, it destroys the illusion.

These extreme demands naturally require inventiveness, and that is why many magicians are also inventors and sometimes vice-versa. So, let us examine this phenomenon further and briefly cover the history of famous magician inventors from the industrial revolution to the current days of mentalism in Miami.

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Three Books That Will Make You a Better Mentalist

Being a proper, convincing mentalist demands confidence. Nothing shatters the illusion of being a “mind reader” as a blatant wrong guess. Performance skills can help you recover after a mistake, but being confident in your abilities and having the skills to make up for missteps goes even further.
So, to become a convincing mentalist, you will need to ensure that you have the ability to be right about an observation or intuition often enough to retain confidence and keep your audience on their toes. This level of skill takes patience, practice and knowledge from experts on visual evidence gathering. Here are three books that can help you:

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How to Get Started as a Magician the Right Way

Many people both young and old who see Mio’s mentalism in Miami acts are inspired to take up the trade as a magician, mentalist or similar stage performer. Yet, they may never live their dream without the proper guidance. Moreover, while Mio would love to mentor all of these people, his magic prowess still does not grant him the capability to be in multiple places at once. As a substitute, you can use this brief guide to help you gain confidence, build strength in your skills and finally take flight as an amateur getting paying gigs in magic.

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5 Best Comic Book Magicians

With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War taking the box office by storm right now, we’ve got comic books and superheroes on the brain. What sprang to mind immediately was how badly we would like to see some of our favorite comic book magicians take to the silver screen to get the attention they deserve.

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Mio’s Charity Work Featured in Celebritarian Magazine

Years of Charity work has lead to Mio the Magician being featured in a variety of print and online publications highlighting his work. One of his most recent acknowledgements came in the form of the article below by the “Celebritarian” an online publication that highlights the work of celebrity humanitarians world wide. The article is as follows. Enjoy the read.

Mio the Magician has shocked, baffled and left speechless: billionaires, millionaires, rap stars, rock stars, supermodels, strangers on the street and Hollywood’s elite with his magic tricks. For over a decade, the Miami based illusionist has been on the NBA’s speed dial to entertain some of it’s biggest basketball stars, and he was the center of attention at Donna Karan’s New York apartment, where his mind blowing skills astonished Woody Allen, Robert DeNiro and Barbra Streisand at her star-studded birthday party.

The praise for his ability to perform close up, in your face, unexplainable illusions keep on coming:

“You got the King with the king!” said Pat Riley, Miami Heat President, referring to an amazed LeBron James, when an upside-down king of spades instantly appeared as he thought of it.

“All right, show me what you’ve got…that’s enough! I can’t take any more!” Michael Jordan

Mio has also become a sought after team building specialist for large corporations, including key brands like Citibank, American Express, IBM, AT&T, GE, PepsiCo, UPS and Delta. “Send me an image mentally,” is all he will ask of an employee at a conference he is appearing at. In a matter of seconds, with no other clues given to him, he will tell them exactly what they were thinking or which card they had a vision of. At private performances, screams will inevitably erupt from the audience when the very same card with a hand-written note on it suddenly appears in a sealed envelope moments after lying on the table, or when they witness a floating soap bubble turn into a glass ball in less than the blink of an eye.

While Mio enjoys performing for celebrities and corporations around the world, his humanitarian work is always at the forefront of where he chooses to spend his professional time. As a supporter of The Ronald McDonald House; which provides a home to families with seriously ill children in the hospital, Mio arrives with fun and child friendly magic tricks and games, to uplift everyone in the room.

Senior citizens living in a retirement home wait to see how he will mystify them on their birthdays, and at risk children at the Boys & Girls Club appreciate his inspiring shows each time he visits.

Whether he is mesmerizing Hugh Jackman with a deck of cards, levitating a crumpled up dollar bill, or giving joy and laughter to people fighting life threatening diseases at “Friends In Deed;” a crisis center that provides emotional and spiritual support for anyone diagnosed with life-threatening physical illnesses, Mio deserves an award for all of the smiles he has brought to people around the world. For many, that alone can be worth more than gold.

If your organization would like to do an article, news piece or interview with Mio about his charity work please contact Mio at .

Here are a few ways you can employ the basics of mentalism in Miami to improve your confidence.

Build Your Confidence with Mentalism

The practice of mentalism takes many years of dedication and practice to perfect. The best mentalists in the world have the ability to convince an entire room that they have performed seemingly impossible feats. This kind of skill does not come lightly and is based on keen powers of observation and an intimate understanding of the human psyche. Like most things in life, confidence is the key to becoming a world class mentalist. Fortunately, you can start to develop the type of rock solid confidence that is possessed by mentalism’s top practitioners today. Here are a few ways you can employ the basics of mentalism in Miami to improve your confidence.

The Sounds of Silence

There’s something particularly alluring about the strong silent type. Having the ability to command the presence of an entire room without saying a word is one of the most enviable qualities that top mentalists have mastered. Now, you might not be there yet, but you can get there with practice. Start small. Try not to be the first person to speak in a conversation. When you’re asked a question, take a moment to collect your thoughts before answering. Before long, you will find that you’ve developed the reputation as someone worth listening to, and you’ll find friends and acquaintances hanging on your every word, or lack thereof.

Mirror, Mirror

Body language is one of the earliest form of human communication and remains one of the most important. The next time you watch a stage performance, especially a mentalist, take note of how the performer carries himself. Pay close attention to how he interacts with audience members. If you look close enough, you’ll probably notice that the performer is mimicking the audience member’s body language. This is an old performer’s trick to gain trust with their participant and the audience at large in order to fully engage them in the performance. When you use body mirroring in your own life, you’ll probably find that people are much more drawn to you than they were before and seem compelled to confide in you.


The pursuit of mentalism as an art form requires a great deal of commitment. You must dedicate days, months and years of your life to practice in order to fully master mentalism. In short, you must be single-minded. People generally consider single-mindedness a negative personality trait, but it can be a positive when it’s in pursuit of your life’s one true goal. When you’re studying mentalism to improve your confidence, make sure to go after your goal with the type of focus that is possessed by the world’s foremost practitioners of mentalism.

See Mentalism in Miami

Confidence is one of the keys to living your best life. Unfortunately, confidence doesn’t come naturally to many of us. When you want to improve your confidence and, in turn, improve your life, then you should take a page out of the book of the world’s best mentalists. To see a demonstration of mentalism in Miami, then see a world class performance by Mio. Read some testimonials about Mio’s great performances, and watch some videos of Mio in action.

What are the differences between a mentalism and magic? Once you learn more about mentalism and magic as a performance art, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for these shows in Miami.

Key Differences Between Mentalism and Magic

If you are visiting the Miami area and need some evening entertainment, a magic show can be the perfect option. As you search for the perfect show to attend, you might also come across advertisements for mentalists. We’ve previously covered what mentalists actually do, but today we’re going to go into a little more detail about the difference between a mentalist and a magician. Once you learn more about mentalism and magic as a performance art, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for these shows in Miami. Just remember that a magician never reveals his secrets!



The primary difference between mentalism and magic is the sort of tricks they perform.  Magicians may come onstage and pull a rabbit out of a hat or saw a woman in half, but a mentalist’s goal is to make his audience believe he has psychic powers or the ability to read minds. Because mentalists must learn how to observe and convince other people, the ending result of their performance can depend a great deal on the audience. A magician’s trick, on the other hand, is the result of misdirection and sleight of hand. Since so many artists use both mentalism and magic, you can imagine how one performer’s show can vary.

Performance Style

Because a mentalist and magician have different goals, a show will also differ in performance styles. For instance, magic shows have a lot in common with theatre; obviously, there is a stage, and a magician might even use costumes and add drama to make the trick more exciting. When mentalists perform, there is more emphasis on personal interaction and creating a narrative in order convince the audience that no trickery was used. Mentalists want their audience to believe in the possibility that they really do have supernatural powers—or, at the very least, to be so astounded that they have no explanation as to how it was done.

Audience Perception

Even though magic and mentalism are equally impressive, audiences typically have different reactions and interpretations of the performance. Most people are aware that magic tricks are illusions, and so the audience is usually left wondering how the tricks were performed. Some audience members may even try to learn the trick themselves. After a mentalist’s show, he leaves the audience wondering, “How did he know?!” Admittedly, it’s hard to find an explanation for what appears to be psychic powers.

Of course, some magicians are also mentalists, and vice versa. And while these differences are enough for some to make the argument that mentalism and magic are entirely different forms of performing arts, we know one thing for sure: both take an incredible amount of skill. No matter what sort of show you decide to see, you won’t be disappointed. Miami is full of talented mentalists, so be sure to get tickets while you can!

If you’d like to see the amazing mentalism and magic of Mio, visit our website or watch some of our videos. You can even contact Mio to book for events, parties, and more.


Learn about the basic techniques needed to get started in the world of mentalism and close up magic.

Mentalism Techniques for Beginners

Mentalists aren’t like other magicians or illusionists—mentalists perform tricks or illusions with their minds. This takes performances to an entirely new level by incorporating and interacting with the audience in ways other performers do not. Mentalism and close-up magic is so spectacular because of mind-blowing tricks that define the artistry. Here are a few techniques to get you started in the world of mentalism.


Look Closely

 Being extremely observant and paying close attention to your surroundings is key to becoming a great mentalist. It is important during performances to be attentive and to carefully watch your audience to aid in illusions. Picking up on body language and other telling signs and cues from the audience will make your show that much more wonderful. This can be practiced daily at any time and any place. Take special care to be particularly observant of everything around you in your everyday life to build these skills. Incorporate these observation techniques into your performances, and sit back and watch how your illusions and tricks wow your audience.


Cold and Hot Readings

Cold readings are very popular amongst mentalists and mind readers as well. If done correctly, participants are left in awe of the performer’s knowledge of a stranger’s life. During a cold reading, the mentalist will speak about things in a person’s life they know nothing about. Using auditory cues and close observation will enhance your cold reading skills and help you advance to more difficult mentalism tricks.

 Despite what the name suggests, a hot reading is not the opposite of a cold reading. It is actually basically the same as a cold reading except the performer knows some things about the participant beforehand. This knowledge allows the performer to draw more clues about the participant and give a better reading. The same techniques used in a cold reading should also be used in a hot reading.

Getting into the world of magic and mentalism is an exciting challenge. It won’t be easy, but the look on your audience’s face will be well worth the hard work. With these techniques you will be well on your way to becoming a masterful mentalist. Check out Magic by Mio in Miami to see mind-blowing tricks and learn more about the world of mentalist magic.