I had the honor of performing for the manager of the NY Yankees!

I was working a party in the private room in Arturos, a fine restaurant in Boca. When I was done the owner asked, “there’s a Yankee at one of my regular tables, would you like to go over there?” I asked if it was a player and she said she thought it might be a coach. She took me over to the table and it was no coach; it was the manager, Joe Girardi!

Mr. Girardi was having dinner with his wife, Kim and another couple. I asked Kim to name her favorite card and the instant she named the seven of hearts, I reached over and pulled it from Joe’s collar.

I performed “Card to Wallet”, showing my favorite Met, Tom Seaver, as Tom’s picture came out of my wallet ahead of the signed card. After I pulled Mr. Girardi’s signed card from a sealed envelope, I showed him my Game Cards collection from my website and said I’d like to add his card to my collection. Mr. Girardi said of course, so I pulled a “copy” of the signed card from my pocket for him, then another “copy” from my jacket as I said to Kim, “if Joe loses that one here’s the original”, then I pulled a third signed card out and gave it to his friend. When I turned the three cards over they were all random cards! I pulled his real, signed card from the empty envelope and said, “I’ll keep it after all!”

I performed the “Real Dice”, reading all their minds, then the “Invisible Deck”, and I borrowed a dollar from Joe and floated it. I ended the performance with his cell phone as I asked him to search for anything on Wikipedia. I said “Joe is well traveled, he wouldn’t search for a place, he’s been all over. It’s something close to his heart”. Joe smiled uneasily, and I continued, “Something dear to you”. Joe shook his head in disbelief. “Did you search for your son, Danti?“

Yes! He had searched for Danti Girardi, his son! They all blew up! His wife said everything else was great, but when I knew what Joe had searched for, it sent chills down her spine and that was the most amazing thing!

Mr. Girardi asked for my card and said his daughter would love this. Maybe the team will too!